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American artist (b. 1970, Washington, D.C. Lives NYC)

smith & wollensky  Bleeker Street
Smith and Wollensky Bleeker Street red
Alisoun Meehan is an artist and independent curator of alternative art exhibitions. Raised in Washington, D.C, she graduated from Bard College with a BA in fine arts, moved to New Orleans, and for the past thirteen years she has been living in New York City. Obsessed with food and street culture, Alisoun draws oversized portraits of meat and images of the market place with special interest in the window displays of NYC's Chinatown.
As independent curator, her on-going food themed series called “Dining Haul” has exhibited in both galleries and in venues such as a fleet of moving trucks parked on 24th Street in Chelsea, vacant meat lockers in the MPD, 4 Star restaurants in Tribeca, the U.N., pastry kitchens, transforming them into temporary gallery spaces; organising collaborations between a slew of multi-media artists, chefs, musicians, and writers, always working to include neighbourhood participation. In 2003 she produced “The Gun & Wound Show,” an exhibition in opposition to the US invasion of Iraq. Over the years, she has curated for White Box: Annex however Alisoun maintains an avid interest in alternative public spaces.
Chocolate Truffles Open Neon
Chocolate Truffles Open Neon
chef graffiti
Chef Grafitti, chalk pastel on paper, 51 x 120"

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Alisoun Meehan