Friday 13 - Sunday 15 October 2000Tabernacle Arts Centre,  Powis Square,London
Box Office
01395-269770 or 01395-276196

Tickets are available at the door at 5, unless otherwise stated

Indulge your Appetite at The Second London Food Film Fiesta
Calendar of Events
  13 October
  Theatre 11am VICTORIAN VICTUALS   Cookery Demo
  Foyer 12.30am SALMON HANDCARVING   Free Event
  Theatre 3pm BELLA: THE STORY OF MRS BEETON   Play (1 hour)  Free to senior citizens and students
  Theatre 4.30pm FOOD POETRY SLAM!   Free Event
  Theatre 6pm THE AGE OF INNOCENCE   Film
  Theatre 9pm THE PRIVATE LIFE OF HENRY VIII   Film beer tastings take place after the screening


  14 October
  Theatre 10.30am TRYING JAPANESE Cookery Demo
  Theatre 12.30am EASY CHINESE Cookery Demo
  Cafe 1.30pm CELEBRITY CHEF Comedy Theatre 14.95
  Theatre 2.30pm GOURMET LUNCH Cookery Demo
  Foyer 4pm MYSTERIOUS TURKISH Free Event
   Theatre 4.30pm SALMON HANDCARVING Film
  Dance Studio 7pm KITCHEN Talk - Free Event
  Theatre 6.30pm PAIRING WINE WITH FOOD Film
  Theatre 9pm CHINESE FEAST  
  Theatre 11pm DIRTY RICE Film
    HAMAM Film
  15 October
  Theatre 10.30am   INNOVATIVE IRISH   Cookery Demo
  Dance Studio 12am   FOOD IN FILM   Talk- Free Event
  Theatre 12.30am   FANTASTIC FRENCH   Cookery Demo
  Cafe 1.15pm   LUNCH AT THE COOKED GOOSE   Operetta
  Theatre 2.30pm   TEMPTING ITALIAN   Cookery Demo
  Dance Studio 3.30-5pm   IS THE FUTURE ORGANIC?   Free Event
  Foyer 4pm   SALMON HANDCARVING   Free Event
  Theatre 4.30pm   FELICIA'S JOURNEY   Film
  Foyer 6pm   FOOD POETRY SOIREE   Poetry  Free Event
  Theatre 7.15pm   AU PETIT MARGEURY   Film
  Theatre 9pm   HOTEL SPLENDIDE   Film

All Film Shows cost 5

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London Film Fiesta
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